Note on Colours & Shades

For those of you who may not be familiar with our products, Shade #1 is the lightest variation of each colour and Shade #9 is the darkest.

Whilst we have made every effort to colour-match the images on the website to the actual colours of the thread, it should be noted that colours and shades may appear differently to people and this will also vary, depending on the browser you are using as well as the settings on the various devices which you may be using to view our online shop. 

Different dye runs can sometimes generate slightly different colour shades and, if this occurs, we will update the website with new images and flag up any noticeable variations on our Home Page.

As some of our customers may already be aware, our initial stock was purchased from the now defunct Pearsalls Embroidery & Langley Threads, which was lovingly operated by Carol in Cardiff. Some of the colour names have been altered to improve clarity and additional colours will be added in future dye runs. However, we have retained the same product codes used by Langley Threads for the current stock (e.g. 'H0353 - Lilac 3').

'Ecru White' and 'Ecru Natural' are both un-dyed and they actually originate from different batches of wool. Back in the day (before Catkin Crown), it was decided to market them as separate 'shades' because they are very slightly different (as you would expect from yarn bought some years apart). Some embroiderers see the difference more than others, as it can be very subtle.

'Arctic White' is effectively bleached and appears brighter under natural light but not necessarily under artificial light.

For those of you who have a further interest in the evolution of our products, here is a potted history: 

Changes made in December 2019

H0160 - Drab renamed 'Bark'

H0300 - Crimson renamed 'Salmon'

H0320 - Olive Brown renamed 'Olive'

H0210 - Lapis renamed 'Lapis Blue'

H0310 - Daffodil renamed 'Daffodil Yellow'

H0360 - Valencia renamed 'Valencia Orange'

H0250 - Gobelin Green renamed 'Goblin Green'